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Well apparently I had space for ten new icons, and since I am apparently writing Nine like a crazy person... I found myself five lovely ones.

I am also trying to decide if this fic of mine will be before or after Boomtown. I am thinking after. It might make things a bit less complicated where Jack is concerned, since Mickey would already know him. And also since Rose and Mickey basically broke it off in that Ep.

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Good lord I have been active on LJ today.

Anyway I have a few things I want to say and ask of my friend list...

First, due to a card I got from [ profile] kihanadulay, my letter writing bug has awoken and I wanted to be sure I still have proper addresses... or if you want to give my your address. I'm not screening comments on here, so if you think you want a letter or random card from me at some point and am not sure if I still have your address, feel free to PM me.

Second, I need a greater variety of icons. You all have an idea of my preferences... please rec some awesome icons. DW, MKR, PotC, Burn Notice, the list goes on.... I need some new ones.

Third.... well there was a third... Oh yes! I have plans to write a Gen Ten and Rose adventure fic. If anyone would like to help me with that (i.e. help me work through plot points, give suggestions, generally let me bug you, OR bug me to work on it), please let me know. The plan is to keep it Gen... no smut or romance. Just adventure.


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