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I'm currently at home doing basically nothing today, and feeling like a total slacker because of it.  Which is silly.  I mean, I am probably ill.  I work up freezing. I just could not get warm. Down tells me that it was perfectly warm in the house, and yet it took two pairs of pyjamas, two duvets, three cats, and a shawl to get me feeling reasonably comfortable. Now I've spent a good part of the afternoon coughing.  This is stupid.

But yesterday was glorious nonsense to the extreme. For those who don't know, I am writing some ridiculous nonsense for Umi x Clef week. One of which is a a tea shop AU. Umi is running a tea shop and Clef is a new professor at the local magic university. Anyway, so I spent the morning sifting through the CDs at Oxfam trying to find "hipster coffee shop music" to listen to while trying to plot more of the nonsense. Not sure why I decided that what I wanted was "hipster coffee shop music" but I had no idea what I was meaning, until I finally got the urge to listen to some Céu, and realised that what I wanted was some easy listening jazz.  

Since when did I decide that jazz was hipster coffee shop music?

Down laughed at me over it when I played Lenda in the car. Which I have to admit is glorious and I feel like it is the sort of thing Umi would probably play in her shop. 

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I keep saying that I am going to be active. That I am going to post regularly, or at least semi-regularly. That just hasn't really happened much lately, but you know...  It may.  

I'm not sure there is all that much to post about in my life, so I guess I could go back to just rambling about fandom nonsense. That works, right?  I mean, I keep having so many Umi/Clef FEELS it's not even funny anymore.  (I have about 17 different fic ideas that I want to write and keep failing to even start)

But I guess there are a few things that have happened in the past few weeks. I should have probably started with the fact that my visa has been renewed!  Yay! I get to stay in the UK for two and half more years at least. Then I'll be applying for indefinitely leave to remain!

Also, we bought a new car!  It's cute.  A little Nissan Micra. An automatic! Only 2 years old. We need to get the insurance changed, as we haven't updated that I am now on a provisional rather than international driving license. Then I may try to brave the roads again.  Roundabouts will hopefully not be as anxiety inducing if I don't have to worry about how a clutch and such work, right? (wish me luck!)

Other than that, [personal profile] down  and I are currently just wandering about and relaxing whilst she's on holiday this fortnight. 


Jul. 17th, 2017 09:40 pm
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Oh look!  I woke up my blog, only to fail to blog.  Shock and surprise!

Oh well...

Anyway, I have been doing some serious writing lately.  Unfortunately for some, this is not on original fiction.  But fortunately for others (like the Umi/Clef shippers of the Rayearth fandom) this is a VERY VERY good thing.

As some of you know, I have pulled down the old version of my old fic Sanctuary from FFN and have begun replacing it with a shiny new version. Mostly because I am old, wiser, and I apparently squicked myself out when I reread it to finish it.  So I have pulled the whole thing and practically started from scratch.  

Ok, well, technically, I started with the basic idea, slapped on the damn sequel I was aiming at too hard, shook it up with a bit more fluff and and a little less drama, and voila new fic! 

For anyone wanting to know more about what is going into the silly thing, aside from over 100,000 words, I just want to say that I have gone out of my way to be as accurate as I can on some aspects of 1996-1997 Japan.  Mostly because it amuses me to do things like give Fuu a pager, because why not.  Also, I was curious about cultural differences when it comes to some later aspects of this story (not telling, thems spoilers!). 

I keep wanting to post pictures of my glorious (and once colour coded) outline/timeline, but I can't get a photo blurry enough not to give away various aspects of the plot.  Oh well.  Perhaps once the story reaches Christmas in the time-line I can post it.  That's only like....   20 chapters from now?  Why am I writing an epic romantic drama?  Does anyone really want to read this besides [personal profile] down ? I don't know!  

If anyone wants to read fic commentary on the posted chapters, let me know. I'm sorely tempted to post in-line commentary on the current chapters about what I've changed and other silly nonsense, if anyone is interested.
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So.... It's been a while. How long? I don't know. Like five years since I posted? Or something like that. It's been an eventful five years.

For those just catching up, I am an American, I moved from Oklahoma to Norfolk, England about three years ago now to marry [personal profile] down .

I keep trying to start an external blog.  You know, a proper thing with pretty pictures and writing advice, but I keep failing at it.  I think it might be best if I try to practice with just keeping a silly fandom blog of sorts here.  As that's more sensible than constantly trying to pay for a domain name I hardly use. 

Hope everyone is well.  It's been a while.  Hope to catch up.  Shoot me a PM, or email or something.  I'm around a bit more often now, or at least plan to be.
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I'm looking for some new things to read. Preferably things that have been out a while, so I don't have to wait for them to be available at my public library. I have a serious problem with character death if I am close to the character. This is why I haven't reread the last three Harry Potter books since I read them through the first time. It's been even worse lately. I'm not dealing with the deaths in the family so well.

I tend to like fantasy and science fiction, though I am not opposed to a good mystery. I also have a liking of true stories. I recently read The Pregnancy Project. It was very interesting. I prefer things that are well written with a good plot, even if they were written with a younger audience in mind.

Does anyone have any suggestions of books?
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Each week or so, I will post at least one unlocked entry for my readers that includes links to my other posts on LiveJournal and other places across the internet. I'll also share other interesting and amusing things I have found.

Here on LiveJournal and Life:
  • There's a new layout at my fic journal, [ profile] psynos. It's pretty much the same as my personal journal but with a header of my OTPs I've written fic for.
  • I've posted the 1st chapter of the next fic in the Lessons on Nesting series, Grounded.
  • My 23-yr-old cousin died, and I am quite literally sick with grief.

Elsewhere on the Internet (but mostly on my blog):Not Mine, But I Need to Share This:

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Each week or so, I will post at least one unlocked entry for my readers that includes links to my other posts on LiveJournal and other places across the internet. I'll also share other interesting and amusing things I have found.

Here on LiveJournal:
  • I have a new layout here on my personal journal, which means I have a new welcome post, sorry for the f-list spam over this past hour.

Elsewhere on the Internet (but mostly on my blog):

Not Mine, But I Need to Share This:

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Hello, I'm Milieva. I'm assuming you've stumbled across my little journal through fandom, likely Doctor Who. If you are here in search of my fanfiction, I would suggest you venture over to my fanfiction journal, [ profile] psynos. If you are here looking for my icons or graphics, my graphic community is [ profile] castleinthewood.

This is my personal journal where I ramble more about my personal life and grievances with fandom. Most of the time I keep the entries locked because I would rather not make it simple for the world to read. This also means that I do not automatically friend you back if you friend me. If you think reading the strange and obscure thoughts running through my head and my bitching and moaning about my life and fandom sounds like fun, please leave a comment telling me why we should be friends, and I will most likely friend you back.

If you would rather just follow me, and not ask to friend me, I will post an unlocked entry once a week or so with links to my current projects and posts around livejournal and the internet. You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram, or my blog, House Eleven Seventeen.
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Does anyone who stalks my LJ watch In Plain Sight?? OMG I need to talk to someone ASAP to be sure I am not insane. Please IM or PM me, if you do.

I don't care if we are friends or not, just let me know how you are familiar with me.


Apr. 19th, 2012 10:09 am
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Finally got registered on Pottermore.  Some of you have heard the annoying coptcha story that lost me the name MidnightNiffler, and had me stuck with GlowGhost (which I hate for some reason).  I have since re-registered and I think I will keep this account.  I registered with every email account I have to see if I could get something as fun as Midnight Niffler, but alas I couldn't. 

So, if anyone is on this silly but equally brilliant site, I'm MidnightHallow10588 if you want to add me. I'm a Ravenclaw apparently.
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Stolen from [ profile] sciathan_file

I'm running a test to see who's reading my posts. So, if you read this, leave me a one-word comment about your day that starts with the third letter of your LJ USERNAME. Only one word please. Then repost so I can leave a word for you. Don't just post a word and not copy - that's not as much fun!
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I'll leave this unlocked right now, but I might friend lock it later, or delete it, depending....

I did end up making that block I mentioned in my last post, only I didn't go with a home improvement show title like I thought I would.  I wanted something more general so I wouldn't feel weird posting things that don't completely fall under the home improvement category.  After quite a bit of thinking, I decided that a play on my actual house number would be fun.  

The blog will focus on all the updates I am doing at my house as well as perhaps some recipes and other home type things. I am attempting to participate in National Blog Posting Month, so I will be attempting to post every day, so there will be plenty of new content soon. At the moment there are only about six posts. One is pulled from my first attempt at doing a blog like this, so it is dated from May. 

I am also posting over there under my actual given name since I will likely be sharing the link with family and friends and I want to keep this journal separate, even though most entries are friend locked I want there to be no chance of them coming over here and seeing me venting about them.

And yes, I will get PFO finished this month, then there might not be a chapter of the next story in the lessons series until mid or late December. Possibly not until the new year. I hope to get a good chunck of it sketched out and possibly written before posting, so I can get back to a schedule.
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Back from Disney, still nursing a few blisters on my feet, but otherwise home safe and sound. I can tall about it later, but right now I feel I have a more pressing matter at hand.

I have a blog that needs a better name eventually. Something catchy and unique.

If I had a home improvement programme, what would it be called?

Throw your most random title ideas at me. This could be fun.  Anything is welcome.  

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You know you want to join a random chat.

::Click to Join::

Don't forget to click 'join chat'.
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So, I baked Challah for the first time last night. I actually think I didn't screw it up too badly, since the dough rose well, and it came out of the oven looking gorgeous. I can't tell you how they turned out because they are for the Rosh Hashana party one of my cousins is having tonight. I used a recipe that added chocolate, cinnamon, and raisins to them. I want to cut into them so badly.

And the actual reason for this post (aside from me proudly announcing I baked bread):

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I have a follower on tumblr named battletoasters. I don't know about you, but that makes me giggle and think silly things.

Tell me, what would you imagine a battle toaster is?
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Pulled From Orbit chapter 9 is finished!!!

Now I just need to hunt down a beta to be sure I haven't made any stupid mistakes in it.

I think this deserves a celebration. Don't you? Let's do the happy dance! Dance Dance Dance!!! Feel free to share your own celebratory happy dances!

cut for so many happy dances )

cross posted from [ profile] psynos
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Google Docs is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sloooooooow at my office. I will have typed three chunky paragraphs and they won't sow up for another 30 seconds to an entire minute. Now if I type one slow letter after another it shows as I type, but not when I type at my normal typing speed when I am on a roll with fanfiction and just need to rush to get it down on paper before I forget what was happening.

It's a bit annoying.

I'm too lazy to attempt carrying a flash drive to work, so google docs is my write anywhere go to. I can add to the chapter no matter where I am.

I don't know why it is so slow here. We are a software company with good internet speed and all. Who knows. I just feel like doing a little griping.

But anyway, is anyone online who wants to listen to me mumble about chapter 9 as I write? I tend to write faster if I talk scenes out cryptically with people on instant messenger. My instant messenger names are in my profile under Connect/External Services.

(unlocking this post because I can)
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Do you think this is enough teapots?

That's not even all of them. I couldn't fit them in one picture, my kitchen counters won't let me go back that far. I actually have 17 on display right now. I just put them up this afternoon. I have at least one or two more that are in the garage. I might even find more out there that I didn't know of.
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I haven't been able to sleep properly for the past few nights due to fun stress in the personal life (possible rant to come). I tried to turn in early tonight, only to sort of doze for an hour and then be up until well past midnight.

Though, I won't say I haven't been productive with my extra hours. I finally got around to reading new chapters of fics I hadn't gotten to in a while. I also did something truly remarkable...

I finished chapter 7 of Pulled From Orbit!

Tomorrow, I just need to con get someone to beta read it for me. It's not my best work, but considering I haven't written much in months, it's not too bad.


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