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Name:Milieva (Mils)
Birthdate:May 25
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
A former Oklahoman now living in a little house in Norfolk, England with my wife and three cats.

When I say that I am still a fan of Magic Knight Rayearth, this does not encompass my true feelings. Magic Knight Rayearth is the reason I am where I am in my life.

If I hadn't become a fan, if I hadn't started a little forum in 2006, if I hadn't reached out and made the friends that I have, and extended out to those connection on Tumblr in 2012, I wouldn't have the same friends I now do, and I wouldn't be married to the same wonderful person, and I certainly wouldn't be living in England.

To anyone finding me via [community profile] addme, if you recognise my name associated with the Rayearth fandom, that is because I have run various MKR communities on LJ, and I am now trying to build the [community profile] magicknightrayearth community here. I have been a mod of [ profile] fuckyeahrayearth since 2012; I have run the Cephiro Forum since 2006, and I have been writing fanfiction as [ profile] milieva since 2001 and [ profile] milieva since 2012.

My absolute OTP is Umi/Clef. It's such nonsense, but I adore it. Almost all of my fanfiction centres around that pairing. There are a few pairings I dislike, but I do not fault people for liking them. I am close friends with a few who do.

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