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Last night, I had the most unusual and disturbing dream. Really it makes me wonder about my subconscious.

So, I am running through a sort of wooded area, hiding from something. At that moment, I was not sure what it was. I throw myself down behind a tree and there were Jackie Tyler and Amy Pond hiding with me. Jackie doesn't seem the least bit terrified. Actually she is complaining to Amy that she is tired and sore, because the Doctor had kept her up all night and she was quite sure she had bruises from his boney hips. Seem's he's been going to her since Rose won't let him touch her after she's just had a baby?

Then we are running through a deserted building and barricading doors because the angels are chasing us. The Doctor is there. He keeps shifting between Ten and Eleven, so maybe both were there? I keep leaping over barriers, run down corridors and then leap over a wall of a balcony to land in a dead rose garden below.

And then it sort of faded out after that. But I still don't know where the crack idea of Ten going to Jackie for sex came from. *headdesk* I know I have read fic of that persuasion before, but seriously.

I thought that needed sharing, because I have had a rather WTF feeling all day from it.
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Response to this comment by [ profile] lady_malchav as a response to this fic of mine:

God, I am SO tired of reading posts by fans who just don't get it. As much as I love some of my LJ friends, I just cannot get into the happy little 'verse they've made for themselves where it's possible for Rose to be anything close to happy without the REAL Doctor, and he her. It's SO GOOD to come and be reassured that I'm not the only one clinging to what made me love the ship in the first place. People bandy around the phrase One True Pairing like a modifying adjective, not an absolute, but for me it is. Doctor(PROPER DOCTOR)/Rose is my OTP, and no substitutes will do!

I agree completely…

cut for pointless ranting )

(left public for those who stalk my LJ but haven't friended me)


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