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So, I baked Challah for the first time last night. I actually think I didn't screw it up too badly, since the dough rose well, and it came out of the oven looking gorgeous. I can't tell you how they turned out because they are for the Rosh Hashana party one of my cousins is having tonight. I used a recipe that added chocolate, cinnamon, and raisins to them. I want to cut into them so badly.

And the actual reason for this post (aside from me proudly announcing I baked bread):

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It doesn't count until the sirens go and we have to take cover. Which happened three times today. On thing I will say about it was News 9 had a beautiful shot of the tornado in Etowah. The light was gorgeous, even if it was tearing everything to shreds.

Also, tornados mean it is time to stock up on the alcohol and invite the friends over for a party. It is time for the Gary England Drinking Game!!

Gary is the most well known weather man in Oklahoma. He's been on TV for years. He is also responsible for all the weather technology used today. Doppler, etc... Those who know the movie Twister (grossly inaccurate film) may recognise him on the television in one of the clips. I will be sad when he is no longer on. Gary is my best friend during tornado season.

Much of it is jokes. Val Caster is the storm chaser he talks to most. And Potawatomee county is ALWAYS hit. I joked today that the second storm would miss us, because it had to get to Potawatomee county.

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