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I'm stuck at my uncle's watching american football, my least favorite sport. It's his birthday and i can't leave until the cake is cut, which will be after the game.

Someone IM me please. If you haven't before, my screen names are in my profile. I can do google talk too if someone would rather.

*headdesk* Help save my sanity.

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Ok f-list

Jul. 14th, 2010 10:45 pm
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Because I can't shake this idea... I need you to give me strange diets or weightless strategies the Doctor might consider upon realizing he is getting a little pudgy around the middle?

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A plastic bowl makes a great amplifier for iphone's built in speakers. Just set it in it and enjoy slightly louder music.

An electric tea kettle works best when turned on. Otherwise you sit through three songs on said iphone wondering why the water's not getting hot.

It helps to pay attention to the exit you use when exiting the metro, so you don't have to back track two blocks in the heat.

Borders is closing, which is sad but paperchase products are cheaper. I adore Paperchase. I got a cute new bag.

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I have finished chp 14 of Absolution. I will be posting it later tonight. 15 is nearly finished and will hopefully be so when I leave for DC on Sunday.

I am still toying with having an epilogue. I just don't know how I want it to go. I have two scenes I like, but they don't work together. It's a tiresome story at times.

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I have taken my last exam. I am officially finished with my university degree. Rock on!!

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Jun. 20th, 2010 08:56 am
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Will some one be so kind as to remind me why I am writing this? ::headdesk::

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