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Two weeks from today, I plan to be in Galveston. Now, because of this, I have a wish to get myself ahead on Only One Way Out, since it seems to be moving along quite well and letting me post once a week at the moment. That way I can enjoy long walks on the quiet beach without worrying about some deadline I have imposed on myself. Not that it is an important deadline.

So, a few notes:

[ profile] amberfocus, thank you for being kind enough to send the smutty!Rose muse my way. She has been very helpful. I got out another 1000 words yesterday and today.

[ profile] bratflorida, I have gotten Nine's jeans and pants off. Thought you'd like to know.

[ profile] jiji_bean, see the note above, and elaborate on that as you will. ;)

In other news... I did make sushi and it turned out quite well. It took me nearly messing up the first two rolls to remember how to do it properly and the tricks to cutting it cleanly. My hands smell like seaweed and I doubt my boss will appreciate the fishy smell in the refrigerator. Oh, well. It's done and ready for the Asian Politics gathering tonight at our professor's house.


Sep. 26th, 2010 12:48 pm
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So I need to be writing about a topic of contemporary significance in international relations. And find three views on it....

Any suggestions for a topic?
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Apparently I was a little enthusiastic when ordering my graduation announcements. I believe I am going to have quite a few extra left over after I send them out to family and friends of the family. So, basically, if anyone on my friend list would like a lovely announcement—they are quite attractive actually—I am more than willing to send one.

I’ll screen the replies to this entry, so anyone who wants to post an address may do so.

I suppose I failed at counting some people as couples and thus only receiving one announcement and not individual ones per person.


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