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I'm currently at home doing basically nothing today, and feeling like a total slacker because of it.  Which is silly.  I mean, I am probably ill.  I work up freezing. I just could not get warm. Down tells me that it was perfectly warm in the house, and yet it took two pairs of pyjamas, two duvets, three cats, and a shawl to get me feeling reasonably comfortable. Now I've spent a good part of the afternoon coughing.  This is stupid.

But yesterday was glorious nonsense to the extreme. For those who don't know, I am writing some ridiculous nonsense for Umi x Clef week. One of which is a a tea shop AU. Umi is running a tea shop and Clef is a new professor at the local magic university. Anyway, so I spent the morning sifting through the CDs at Oxfam trying to find "hipster coffee shop music" to listen to while trying to plot more of the nonsense. Not sure why I decided that what I wanted was "hipster coffee shop music" but I had no idea what I was meaning, until I finally got the urge to listen to some Céu, and realised that what I wanted was some easy listening jazz.  

Since when did I decide that jazz was hipster coffee shop music?

Down laughed at me over it when I played Lenda in the car. Which I have to admit is glorious and I feel like it is the sort of thing Umi would probably play in her shop. 

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Each week or so, I will post at least one unlocked entry for my readers that includes links to my other posts on LiveJournal and other places across the internet. I'll also share other interesting and amusing things I have found.

Here on LiveJournal:
  • I have a new layout here on my personal journal, which means I have a new welcome post, sorry for the f-list spam over this past hour.

Elsewhere on the Internet (but mostly on my blog):

Not Mine, But I Need to Share This:

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Sorry I've been MIA in just about every aspect of fandom at the moment. I haven't forgotten about [ profile] nine_verse. Things have simply been busy. Not to mention, I jump on any opportunity to get out of the house.

I wrote nearly half a page on Pulled From Orbit yesterday. Seems we are closer to the wedding than I thought. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to sit back down at my keyboard. But when I haven't been writing papers, or taking care of my gran, I've been spending time with A. So, you are welcome to blame my boyfriend for keeping me from writing and chatting. Because it's pretty much true.

In other news. I will be online most of the day if anyone gets bored this friday and wants to chat, or has a question for me. There will be a two hour or so window between 10.30-12.30(ish) CST when I will be leaving work to go to class. My laptop may or may not be on at any point during that time.
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Two weeks from today, I plan to be in Galveston. Now, because of this, I have a wish to get myself ahead on Only One Way Out, since it seems to be moving along quite well and letting me post once a week at the moment. That way I can enjoy long walks on the quiet beach without worrying about some deadline I have imposed on myself. Not that it is an important deadline.

So, a few notes:

[ profile] amberfocus, thank you for being kind enough to send the smutty!Rose muse my way. She has been very helpful. I got out another 1000 words yesterday and today.

[ profile] bratflorida, I have gotten Nine's jeans and pants off. Thought you'd like to know.

[ profile] jiji_bean, see the note above, and elaborate on that as you will. ;)

In other news... I did make sushi and it turned out quite well. It took me nearly messing up the first two rolls to remember how to do it properly and the tricks to cutting it cleanly. My hands smell like seaweed and I doubt my boss will appreciate the fishy smell in the refrigerator. Oh, well. It's done and ready for the Asian Politics gathering tonight at our professor's house.
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Good lord I have been active on LJ today.

Anyway I have a few things I want to say and ask of my friend list...

First, due to a card I got from [ profile] kihanadulay, my letter writing bug has awoken and I wanted to be sure I still have proper addresses... or if you want to give my your address. I'm not screening comments on here, so if you think you want a letter or random card from me at some point and am not sure if I still have your address, feel free to PM me.

Second, I need a greater variety of icons. You all have an idea of my preferences... please rec some awesome icons. DW, MKR, PotC, Burn Notice, the list goes on.... I need some new ones.

Third.... well there was a third... Oh yes! I have plans to write a Gen Ten and Rose adventure fic. If anyone would like to help me with that (i.e. help me work through plot points, give suggestions, generally let me bug you, OR bug me to work on it), please let me know. The plan is to keep it Gen... no smut or romance. Just adventure.
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One nice thing about being finished with my degree for the time being is being able to read what I want to read. I've picked up a book that has looked promising:

Obedience by Will Lavender.

Blurb: At Indiana's Winchester University, three students—Brian House, Dennis Flaherty and Mary Butler—are taking Logic and Reasoning 204, taught by enigmatic Professor Williams. They quickly learn this is a course like no other. Their single assignment is to find a missing 18-year-old girl, Polly, in six weeks time—or else, Williams asserts, she will be murdered. Is this merely an academic exercise? As Williams produces clues, including photographs of Polly and her associates, the students begin to wonder where homework ends and actual homicide begins.

I like it so far. I had seen it in my university bookstore last year and found it on the clearance shelves recently. I hope it ends up being as good as it sounds.

I also have my books I plan to take with me on my fights to and from DC this summer.

The Doctor Trap : Token Doctor Who book. I love Donna. Hope she is as amusing as this as she was in Beautiful Chaos.
The Neverending Story : I was told I had to read it, and was given a copy for my birthday.
Blowing my Cover : Looked interesting.

Perhaps I will have time to read a few more when I get back. Then I really need to start looking for a day job, so I can pay off these loans and afford to move out of my grandmother's house. Not to mention get a new car.

If anyone wants to suggest a book, feel free to pitch it to me in the comments. I love to read.
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So, those who were talking to me on IM earlier whilst I was tidying today, know I was watching the tornados and storms going through the state and that they were coming toward us. Well, the tornados stopped before the storm his my town, but the hail had gotten worse.

When the storm hit, it was as if hell were raining down on us. The house shook from it for a good two or three minutes. Thankfully all the house windows are still intact.

Unfortunately my car is not.

cut for mass photo dump of doom )

I'll keep you updated on the outcome of my car. I need to go out and look inside my car to see if any glass is in there. I am annoyed, but there is nothing I can do about it today. I will be calling my insurance company tomorrow.

Lesson learned: keep garage clean enough to get car in.


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