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Given the response to my last complaint, I figured LJ could use a community like this one.

Originally posted by [ profile] milieva at Join the Club
Oh, you know they will be great together.
When you first heard that Catherine Tate and David Tennant were teaming up to do a production of Beatrice and Benedick 'Much Ado About Nothing', you were excited, weren't you?

But now that you realize you cannot go, for one reason or another, you are a bit depressed, aren't you?

Join the Club!

Come on over to [info]nomuchadoforme and commiserate with the rest of us who are just a miserable about it as you are.

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Originally posted by [ profile] nine_verse_mod at The Nine Verse

[info]nine_verse is planning to begin a virtual series for the Ninth Doctor. They are looking for Writers, editors, historians, organizers, brit pickers, and graphic artists, but definitely writers (this project will not get off the ground without them).

If you would like to participate in one of the above capacities other than that of Writer, please see the staff sign-up. If you wish to participate as a writer, please see the writer sign-up.

I thought this would be an interesting thing to test out. It is definitely a quick and easy way to spread the word. I love the repost button. So, if anyone wants to make use of the new pretty banner I made, feel free to repost this to your journal. Or better yet, repost and spread the word, if you haven't already. I'm sure we could get this off the ground if we got enough people told about it.
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Alright, a few of you on my friend list have said that you think you would be interested in being included in a possible virtual series. I decided to take a step forward and start a community for discussion and planning.

[ profile] nine_verse[ profile] nine_verse[ profile] nine_verse

If you are interested, please leave a comment on the welcome post. You can state what role you think you would like to play or just that you are interested in participating how ever you are need.

Those of you who think you have some problem that will keep you from participating, don't worry. I am thinking there will be some time spent planning and the first "episodes" won't go up until sometime next year. Holidays are getting closer and I know we will all be quite busy.

Please share this with your friends. You are also welcome to pimp it at any communities you see fit, but be sure to check with the rules and the mods before you do so. I hope we have enough people to get this up an running this time.
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Well I may eventually post it elsewhere, but I thought I would just share this with my LJ friends at the moment. Since I felt like pimping it tonight, but I don't feel like requesting permission to do so from anyone.

There are so many communities where you can be inspired to write something, but what about all the stories you don't want to write? Well, that is where where we come in. A community you can complain about crack plot bunnies. You can blame them on anything and everything you want. Sometimes all you need to get rid of the idea is to talk about it.

So if you have some crack idea that you want to bitch about, drop by [ profile] blame_the_cat.


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