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I've been spending a bit too much time with my pet project as some of you may have noticed. I have quite a bit in order if we do get enough people onboard with the writing part of it. I honestly hope for five of us. That would at least be something. More would be fabulous.

This evening, I finally did more than stare at part 11 of OOWO. I actually wrote on it. So it has gone from 694 words up to 1563. I think that isn't too bad. Perhaps after Jack and Rose talk, Nine and Rose can have a cuddle and I can end this chapter and finish the other one. The all that is left is the epilogue and I am finished. Whoo! That's been a ride. From two-parter to thirteen. Quite a leap.

Now for bed. I have to actually get up and out on time tomorrow.
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Two weeks from today, I plan to be in Galveston. Now, because of this, I have a wish to get myself ahead on Only One Way Out, since it seems to be moving along quite well and letting me post once a week at the moment. That way I can enjoy long walks on the quiet beach without worrying about some deadline I have imposed on myself. Not that it is an important deadline.

So, a few notes:

[ profile] amberfocus, thank you for being kind enough to send the smutty!Rose muse my way. She has been very helpful. I got out another 1000 words yesterday and today.

[ profile] bratflorida, I have gotten Nine's jeans and pants off. Thought you'd like to know.

[ profile] jiji_bean, see the note above, and elaborate on that as you will. ;)

In other news... I did make sushi and it turned out quite well. It took me nearly messing up the first two rolls to remember how to do it properly and the tricks to cutting it cleanly. My hands smell like seaweed and I doubt my boss will appreciate the fishy smell in the refrigerator. Oh, well. It's done and ready for the Asian Politics gathering tonight at our professor's house.
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So what if I told you all that at the moment, Only One Way Out Part Nine's current word count is a grand 24? That's it. 24 words. Two lines of dialogue, and that's it. I am sure you are all excited to read that. So I thought I would share the randomness, and let you wonder what is happening.

random twenty-four words. click if you dare )

Actually now that I got my International Relations Theory mid-term turned in, I should have some time to work on this today. I'll try for 1000 words by tonight.
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For those who don’t already know, I did get a new car on Saturday.

I went to the dealership hoping that the one I saw online was still there, but alas, it wasn’t. The salesman wanted to sell me the lowest priced one that they had on the lot. Two problems with that: 1) it was white, and I am not fond of white cars. 2) it had no features of any sort (no radio or anything).

Then they only wanted to give me 15K for my trade-in when I know it is worth 25K.

I told them that I wanted to think about it and planned to walk out and keep m options open. The sales manager stopped me and asked what he could do to get me to buy. I told him.

What I got:

1) The car I wanted in Sapphire Blue (they took me to a different lot to get it).

2) Tinted windows

3) A CD player (having it installed on Wednesday)

4) My trade-in for 25K

5) All for the same sale price of the other one.

I really like my new car.

In fandom news, Only One Way Out part 6 is nearing completion. I just need to flesh out a scene that is only dialogue, finishing another scene in the middle, and figure out where and how to end this chapter. So far, this may be the longest part yet. I am wondering if it will reach 13 pages.
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Where are people getting this suicide idea from? I mean, yeah, Nine has his suicidal moments, but he's not going to haul off and kill himself because he thinks he may have gotten Rose pregnant. It's not even definite that he did, so why would he kill himself? Or even do himself harm for that matter?

Would someone kindly explain this to me, because I am confused. *headdesk*

I think he explains the herbs to Rose soon. Maybe. But I think Jack my figure it out sooner, because I think he recognizes the smell. I'm not sure though.

In other news: Jack makes me laugh )


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