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Sorry I've been MIA in just about every aspect of fandom at the moment. I haven't forgotten about [ profile] nine_verse. Things have simply been busy. Not to mention, I jump on any opportunity to get out of the house.

I wrote nearly half a page on Pulled From Orbit yesterday. Seems we are closer to the wedding than I thought. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to sit back down at my keyboard. But when I haven't been writing papers, or taking care of my gran, I've been spending time with A. So, you are welcome to blame my boyfriend for keeping me from writing and chatting. Because it's pretty much true.

In other news. I will be online most of the day if anyone gets bored this friday and wants to chat, or has a question for me. There will be a two hour or so window between 10.30-12.30(ish) CST when I will be leaving work to go to class. My laptop may or may not be on at any point during that time.
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(crossposting to [ profile] milieva (public) and [ profile] psynos)

For those who don't know, my gran was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks ago and had surgery yesterday. I stayed overnight at the hospital with her. We will see what the rest of the week brings, but I am not looking at getting chapter 6 of PFO finished this week.

I start back at Uni on monday. So, we'll see what comes. I've gotten the rest of the week off work, and I have a few scenes written. I know you all understand.


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