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Okay so I finally did it. I finished the stupid clean fic. It was like pulling teeth to get them off the beach and then it ended with them on the beacha gain. Not to mention Clef is so damn angsty through it. Anyway here it is.

Title: A Spring Holiday
Rating: PG (yeah, you read it right)
Summary: Umi gets Clef to go with her to her beach house over spring break.
Warnings: A Clean Milieva fic, need I say more?

Clean!!!?? )
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Every person on your flist gets to request a drabble from you. Character/Pairing/Object/Lyrics/Any kind of prompt! In return, they have to post this in their journal and write a drabble for you.

All Fandoms I am willing to write for:

Sailor Moon*
Magic Knight Rayearth
Witch Hunter Robin
Gundam Wing*
Robin McKinley

* I not quite as familiar with them as I once waas, so I am a bit rusty on canon. ^.~

Please no Yaoi/Yuri/Slash. It just doesn't work.
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Yet again I ended up writing a lemon in my English Lit Course. I don't know what it is about that class that spurs on these thoughts of Umi and Clef...

Four is a Crowd )

I finished the thing in one night so bear with any odd mistakes. I fixed the other one and posted it at mediaminer since they still allow smut fiction. I am posting this up here for rae-chan since I told her that I was working on it. ^_^
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I am posting this here, so not to torture Rae-chan. I told her I finished it and FFN can be a bitch most of the time. So here it is, the first draft of Wish I had an Angel Chapter Three...

Your touch, My Bliss )
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Okay folks, I am about to unveilt the first in a possible series of thirty lemons. I do warn you that this is my first attempt of a fic of this rating. So therefore it is not the best.

This is a Magic Knight Rayearth fic with Umi and clef as the character in it. So if you dislike the series, or the pairing this fic is not for you, so Allison, bug off.

Warning: I have not fully edited this fic yet, so if you notice any glaring mistakes, feel free to note them.

But...the desk? )

This is also my call against smut fanfiction that makes everything go so damn perfectly.


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