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Stolen from [ profile] sciathan_file

I'm running a test to see who's reading my posts. So, if you read this, leave me a one-word comment about your day that starts with the third letter of your LJ USERNAME. Only one word please. Then repost so I can leave a word for you. Don't just post a word and not copy - that's not as much fun!
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I know I haven't been around much because of my hectic personal life. As a way to make up for my lack of writing and posting, I thought I would doing something to amuse all of us.
Ask Me Anything

Reply to this entry with a question, and I will respond with a voice post. You may ask anything, favourite book, favourite movie, where would I go if I had a TARDIS, what I would do if I won a million dollars, what my paranoias are, anything.
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ganked from [ profile] emraldeyedauter

Because we never really know each other as well as we think, in response to this post I'd like you to ask a question. Anything about which you are curious, anything you feel you ought to know about me. Silly, serious, personal, fannish. Ask away. Then copy this to your own journal, and see what people don't know about you.

I will honestly answer anything, so go ahead and ask whatever you have always wanted to know about me.

ETA: I won't actually hold you to posting this on your own journal, if you don't want to.

ETA2: Hell, I'll even unlock this post and let my lurkers ask me questions if they like.

Fandom Meme

Jan. 4th, 2011 03:01 pm
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Snagged from [ profile] turtle_goose:

Leave a fandom in the comments and I'll tell you:

* My OTP
* Least favorite ship
* Favorite character(s)
* Favorite episode(s)
* Unpopular opinion
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Ganked from [ profile] psyfi_geekgirl

I have had a pretty decent run in this fandom… having fallen in a few weeks before Series 3 aired. I have been writing fic since that Novemeber when all hell broke loose with my idea that became Through the Glass.

Let’s take a look at what fanfictional sins I have committed over the past year.

All sorts of fun questions and answers for your reading pleasure )
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I constantly wonder what the story is behind usernames, so I thought I would make a meme. I am sure some of you have wondered about mine at some point.

What is your username? Milieva

Do you use it on any other services (tumblr,, etc)? Yes. I use this user name in various forms., tumblr, Teaspoon, various forums and variations of it on Yahoo Messenger and Gmail. ETA: and youtube, though my channel's not that interesting.

How long have you used it? Hm… I want to say at least six years now. I can’t remember exactly when I changed it.

Does it mean anything? Beautiful place (see: second paragraph below)

What is the story behind it? I used to go by Mitsuko Hime on back when was rather small and my fandom at the time was only about thirty fics large. Then as the site began to grow, everyone was something Hime, so I thought I would change my name to something more unique. I had been working on a semi-original story at the time, and I had come up with a place name, “Milieva or Milievana” and thought that was nice and different.

Milieva was pulled from two words “milieu” and “vanya”. “Milieu” is a setting or place in which something happens and “vanya” means beautiful. So it was in essence to mean “beautiful place”.

I have gone by Milieva for some time on the net now. It has been shortened to Mils as a familiar name, and I have been known to use the nickname in my real life as well. I don’t like people using my given name. I’m strange like that.

Is there a fun fact about your username? Apparently it is a surname, though I am not sure of the origin. Which is funny because I use it as a surname in an original story I have been working on which is a revamp of the old one that this one originated from. It is also almost the given name of Einstein's first wife, Mileva.

♥ Reply to this with a comment of what my username makes you think of.
♥ Post this meme in your journal and I will do the same for you.
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Taken from [ profile] housemaid79

The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing (and a prompt, please). In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level. (If you absolutely can't write, maybe find a creative alternative?)

Note: Be nice. If you request that pairing (you know which I mean), you will get horrific angst, so be warned.

ETA: If you really don't want to write but want to request something, feel free. I won't hold you to the other end.
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YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST, I want to know 28 things about you. I don't care if we've never talked, never really clicked, or if we already know everything about each other. I really don't. You are obviously on my flist, so let me know with whom I'm friends! (this especially goes for friends who have added me in the past month or so *looks at you* Though the first two questions are optional.)

1. Your Middle Name:
2. Age:
3. Single or Taken:
4. Favorite Movie:
5. Favorite Song or Album:
6. Favorite Band/Artist:
7. Dirty or Clean:
8. Tattoos and/or Piercings:
9. Do we know each other outside of LJ?
10. What's your philosophy on life?
11. Is the bottle half-full or half-empty?
12. Would you keep a secret from me if you thought it was in my best interest?
13. What is your favorite memory of us?
14. What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
15. Tell me one odd/interesting fact about you:
16. You can have three wishes - what are they?
17. Can we get together and make a cake?
18. Which country is your spiritual home?
19. What is your big weakness?
20. Do you think I'm a good person?
21. What was your best/favorite subject at school?
22. Describe your accent
23. If you could change anything about me, would you?
24. What do you wear to sleep?
25. Trousers or skirts?
26. Cigarettes or alcohol?
27. If I only had one day to live, what would we do together?
28. Will you repost this so I can fill it out for you?

Optional Added Questions:

29. Why did you friend me?
30. What do you do for a living?

I'll fill it out part of this myself to get the party started )
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[ profile] jiji_bean tagged me.

If you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own lj and replace any question that you dislike with a new question.
Tag eleven people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.

What song are you currently addicted to?
'The Dog Days Are Over' by Florence+The Machine. I had to hunt it down after hearing it in the Covert Affairs TV spot. I guess I am not the only one to like it since it is now being used for the Eat, Pray, Love trailers. (link goes to the song on youtube. I didn't do the official video so my international friends can listen if they like)

click to read more answers )

I now tag: [ profile] superri, [ profile] sciathan_file, [ profile] sureasdawn, [ profile] misora, [ profile] mrs_roy, [ profile] shengirl, [ profile] kihanadulay, [ profile] monkeybatz, [ profile] ladymalchav, [ profile] soalluring, and [ profile] teikachikata

Fic Meme

Aug. 15th, 2010 08:34 pm
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Because I am actually an attention whore. ;)

the that's my favorite! meme
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1. Reply to this post with the word PIRATES (or NINJAS) and I will pick six of your icons.
2. Make a post (including this info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never ending cycle of icon glee.

[ profile] sureasdawn chose for me">

I found this baby picture online while working on a random little project of mine. I thought some of my baby!fics needed a baby icon to mark them. And this one is just so cute, I couldn’t resist.

Lilo and Stitch is one of my favourite Disney movies. I love this bit of artwork. If I remember correctly it is one of the photos from the closing credits of the movie. It reminds me of what I think one of my OCs would do if asked a question. She’d draw a full diagram to explain something beyond the comprehension of other children her age.

This was another icon I created with a specific fic in mind. These are items some might recognize from my fic Through the Glass. Brights Brightly is the yellow pony Lily carries around. The sonic screwdriver is an obvious one. The contraption they are sitting on is actually our old Intelevision that is serving as a stand in for the contraption Lily built to contact the Doctor from Pete’s world.

I made this icon after realizing that all my OTPs had one thing in common: age gaps. I put them in order of the width of the gap.
Amon and Robin (Witch Hunter Robin): 10 years
Jack and Elizabeth (Pirates of the Caribbean): around 20 years
Clef and Umi (Magic Knight Rayearth): 734 years
The Doctor and Rose (Doctor Who): 881 years
I realized later that I didn’t put Aragorn and Arwen on there. That is one hell of an age gap, though tonight I can’t recall how many thousand it is.

Ouran High School host club is brilliant and complete crack. I love the twins. They make me giggle. I don’t know that I ever really use this one. I should. Perhaps if I sqee over the releases I am excited about next month. Resident Evil:After Life and Robin McKinley’s Pegasus.

Red Dwarf is another favourite of mine. If I remember correctly, this is from an episode where there was an alternate universe and nothing was what it should be, but it has been ages since I have watched. I could be completely wrong. The banana reminds me of Doctor Who for some silly reason.

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Title: The Time Lord Doth Protest Too Much
Author: [ profile] milieva
Characters: Ten/Rose
Rating: PG

Summary: He always swore he didn’t do domestic, but Rose never really believe him.

Author’s Note: I am actually writing this off a prompt [ profile] ladymalchav gave me a while ago for my A-Z drabble meme, which is why this is posted here and not on my fic journal. The prompt was “idiosyncrasies”. What is more idiosyncratic of the Doctor than his declaration that he does not do domestic?

This is unbeta'd, so all errors are mine and mine alone.

Read more... )
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This looks like fun, and something I should be able to do. (stolen from [ profile] sciathan_file)

Give me a pairing/(pair of) characters and a prompt, and I will write you a one sentence ficlet (or more, if it ends up going down that way...)

Usual fandom (and pairing) rules apply. If you want something weird, ask and we'll see if I can make one sentence work.
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Pick 25 movies/literary works/television series and put their summaries from Better Than It Sounds and WITHOUT CHEATING have your friends guess them.

plots in one line are always fun )

Fic Meme

Mar. 25th, 2010 12:25 am
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Meme as ganked from [ profile] sciathan_file: Post a paragraph or a scene from as many of your fics or WIPS as you want, with no explanation attached.

cut for obvious reasons )

You could play guess the fandom and the fic, if you like. It's not too hard for one of them.
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Because I thought it would be fun, and I know a few of you have questions about my fics, so I thought I would resurect an old meme.

Leave a comment to ask any of my characters, from any of my stories, any question you want, and "they" will answer you! (Warning: there may be story spoilers in these comments.)
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Title: What About the Neighbors?
Characters: Ten/Rose
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Just borrowing the characters

Author's Note: Written for [ profile] mrs_roy who prompted 'elevator shagging' for my A-Z Drabble Meme.

Read more... )
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It's been a while since I last did this, but I thought I would use the same chart from last time. There where still plenty of letters left on the old list, and I feel like writing something short and sweet again, so I am reposting my drabble prompt list.

Please prompt me. I'd like some fun ideas.

01. Choose a fandom from the list below, along with a character or a pairing.
02. Then choose a letter from the alphabet that hasn't been snagged yet.
03. Choose a word that begins with that letter.
04. In turn, I will write a drabble (or something longer, if feel inspired ^^) based on the character/pairing and letter.

lists behind the cut )


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