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Last year, after Journey’s End, I, like many, found myself unable to write. Every single idea I had floundered and then died. It took me ages to finally find something I could pull myself together and. Unfortunately, The End of Time has left me with the opposite problem. I have far too many ideas.

So, I thought I might start sharing them, as there may be a chance I may never write them.

I receive a weekly newsletter of sorts, which is always quite thought provoking. The most recent one has had me thinking.

How often do little details go unnoticed? There are minute elements of any and every version situation which make it what it is. How much do we really pay attention to?

Take the Bad Wolf theme. Those words were repeated through out all of Series One. How many people actually realized how many times those words showed up before it was pointed out? How many times was that dismissed?

My challenge is this:

There is something which has gone unnoticed by either the Doctor or Rose for weeks, months, or perhaps even years, but today, for some reason, he or she notices it.

What is it?

And what happens because of it?

If anyone would like to read the newsletter which inspired this thought, you can find it here. It is quite interesting. There are so many things you never think about.


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