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I'll leave this unlocked right now, but I might friend lock it later, or delete it, depending....

I did end up making that block I mentioned in my last post, only I didn't go with a home improvement show title like I thought I would.  I wanted something more general so I wouldn't feel weird posting things that don't completely fall under the home improvement category.  After quite a bit of thinking, I decided that a play on my actual house number would be fun.  

The blog will focus on all the updates I am doing at my house as well as perhaps some recipes and other home type things. I am attempting to participate in National Blog Posting Month, so I will be attempting to post every day, so there will be plenty of new content soon. At the moment there are only about six posts. One is pulled from my first attempt at doing a blog like this, so it is dated from May. 

I am also posting over there under my actual given name since I will likely be sharing the link with family and friends and I want to keep this journal separate, even though most entries are friend locked I want there to be no chance of them coming over here and seeing me venting about them.

And yes, I will get PFO finished this month, then there might not be a chapter of the next story in the lessons series until mid or late December. Possibly not until the new year. I hope to get a good chunck of it sketched out and possibly written before posting, so I can get back to a schedule.
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Google Docs is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sloooooooow at my office. I will have typed three chunky paragraphs and they won't sow up for another 30 seconds to an entire minute. Now if I type one slow letter after another it shows as I type, but not when I type at my normal typing speed when I am on a roll with fanfiction and just need to rush to get it down on paper before I forget what was happening.

It's a bit annoying.

I'm too lazy to attempt carrying a flash drive to work, so google docs is my write anywhere go to. I can add to the chapter no matter where I am.

I don't know why it is so slow here. We are a software company with good internet speed and all. Who knows. I just feel like doing a little griping.

But anyway, is anyone online who wants to listen to me mumble about chapter 9 as I write? I tend to write faster if I talk scenes out cryptically with people on instant messenger. My instant messenger names are in my profile under Connect/External Services.

(unlocking this post because I can)
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(crossposting to [ profile] milieva (public) and [ profile] psynos)

For those who don't know, my gran was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks ago and had surgery yesterday. I stayed overnight at the hospital with her. We will see what the rest of the week brings, but I am not looking at getting chapter 6 of PFO finished this week.

I start back at Uni on monday. So, we'll see what comes. I've gotten the rest of the week off work, and I have a few scenes written. I know you all understand.
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I've been spending a bit too much time with my pet project as some of you may have noticed. I have quite a bit in order if we do get enough people onboard with the writing part of it. I honestly hope for five of us. That would at least be something. More would be fabulous.

This evening, I finally did more than stare at part 11 of OOWO. I actually wrote on it. So it has gone from 694 words up to 1563. I think that isn't too bad. Perhaps after Jack and Rose talk, Nine and Rose can have a cuddle and I can end this chapter and finish the other one. The all that is left is the epilogue and I am finished. Whoo! That's been a ride. From two-parter to thirteen. Quite a leap.

Now for bed. I have to actually get up and out on time tomorrow.
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So what if I told you all that at the moment, Only One Way Out Part Nine's current word count is a grand 24? That's it. 24 words. Two lines of dialogue, and that's it. I am sure you are all excited to read that. So I thought I would share the randomness, and let you wonder what is happening.

random twenty-four words. click if you dare )

Actually now that I got my International Relations Theory mid-term turned in, I should have some time to work on this today. I'll try for 1000 words by tonight.
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Where are people getting this suicide idea from? I mean, yeah, Nine has his suicidal moments, but he's not going to haul off and kill himself because he thinks he may have gotten Rose pregnant. It's not even definite that he did, so why would he kill himself? Or even do himself harm for that matter?

Would someone kindly explain this to me, because I am confused. *headdesk*

I think he explains the herbs to Rose soon. Maybe. But I think Jack my figure it out sooner, because I think he recognizes the smell. I'm not sure though.

In other news: Jack makes me laugh )
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For those who are anxiously awaiting it. The Absolution sequel is well underway, even though it has been hijacked by a Nine fic.

In keeping with the theme, the title will be Reconciliation. I made an icon to prove how close I am to having something worth posting, because we know I like to theme my icons with my fics. It is my first true creation on my new Photoshop. I did pretty well for my first go.

Since I am a little behind on when I planned to post it, I thought I would offer a preview to my readers. Mind you, it is unedited at the moment, so this may not be the final version.

The opening scene )

Keep on me about which project you want me to work on. I tend to get more written if people bug me while I'm writing. Even more so, if you bother me via IM. I can have someone to bounce ideas off then. ;)
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Well apparently I had space for ten new icons, and since I am apparently writing Nine like a crazy person... I found myself five lovely ones.

I am also trying to decide if this fic of mine will be before or after Boomtown. I am thinking after. It might make things a bit less complicated where Jack is concerned, since Mickey would already know him. And also since Rose and Mickey basically broke it off in that Ep.

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So instead of working on Tancho Base, like I should have been doing so I could get it finished and be able to work on the sequel to Absolution in earnest, I instead was broadsided by a fic I had been toying with for a month or so.

It decided it wanted my full attention, and I have given it just that so I can get it down and be done with it.

Therefore I must announce I have not only written Nine fic, I have written Nine fic of an adult nature. Therefore I am not entirely sure what to do with myself as I once said I couldn’t and would do it.

Oh well. I’ll live.

I thought I would share a bit here, just give you lot a taste. I’ll post it on my fic journal sometime later this week.

cut to spare those who aren’t interested in this story )

Yes, I am guilty of fic clichés. You all should know that by now.

Fic Meme

Aug. 15th, 2010 08:34 pm
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Because I am actually an attention whore. ;)

the that's my favorite! meme
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Good lord I have been active on LJ today.

Anyway I have a few things I want to say and ask of my friend list...

First, due to a card I got from [ profile] kihanadulay, my letter writing bug has awoken and I wanted to be sure I still have proper addresses... or if you want to give my your address. I'm not screening comments on here, so if you think you want a letter or random card from me at some point and am not sure if I still have your address, feel free to PM me.

Second, I need a greater variety of icons. You all have an idea of my preferences... please rec some awesome icons. DW, MKR, PotC, Burn Notice, the list goes on.... I need some new ones.

Third.... well there was a third... Oh yes! I have plans to write a Gen Ten and Rose adventure fic. If anyone would like to help me with that (i.e. help me work through plot points, give suggestions, generally let me bug you, OR bug me to work on it), please let me know. The plan is to keep it Gen... no smut or romance. Just adventure.
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Basically to give me something to think about this coming week, since I will be in DC, I thought I would ask the question I have already given to a few of you.

Absolution is finished, but the 'verse is not. I am sure you all can see the direction it is headed, and I wonder what you might want to see in chapters to come.

I know one of you wanted to see the Doctor realize he needs to exercise because he actually gains weight. What else do you want to see?

These comments might spawn scenes in the sequel, or entire one-off fics.
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Absolution is officially completed. I am finishing the corrections on Chapter 15 and await the return of the epilogue.

But have no fear.

This is one of those plot bunnies that will never end. There is a sequel planned, but I think I might attempt to finish some other project of mine before I give that a go. Though from the final chapter and the epilogue, I am sure you can guess what the sequel might entail.
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Title: Marking the First Year
Characters: Ten/Rose
Rating: PG

Summary A special day that hadn’t gone exactly as either the Doctor or Rose had originally planned.

A/N: This was written for [ profile] mrs_roy’s prompt, anniversary celebration, for my A-Z Drabble Meme. Obviously I am caught in a particular plot line. I can assume my usual readers will vaguely recognize the setting.

Read more... )
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Title: The Time Lord Doth Protest Too Much
Author: [ profile] milieva
Characters: Ten/Rose
Rating: PG

Summary: He always swore he didn’t do domestic, but Rose never really believe him.

Author’s Note: I am actually writing this off a prompt [ profile] ladymalchav gave me a while ago for my A-Z drabble meme, which is why this is posted here and not on my fic journal. The prompt was “idiosyncrasies”. What is more idiosyncratic of the Doctor than his declaration that he does not do domestic?

This is unbeta'd, so all errors are mine and mine alone.

Read more... )
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This looks like fun, and something I should be able to do. (stolen from [ profile] sciathan_file)

Give me a pairing/(pair of) characters and a prompt, and I will write you a one sentence ficlet (or more, if it ends up going down that way...)

Usual fandom (and pairing) rules apply. If you want something weird, ask and we'll see if I can make one sentence work.
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I am thinking of doing a series of silly drabble crack fics on Ten II's transitions to being human in Pete's World.

Let's just call this the prompt page.

If there is some aspect you want me to look at, or a silly story of something you think he might have done, please feel free to comment.

So far the list includes:

Various sexual misadventures (Handy the Whore)
Falling asleep random places (feel free to comment with ideas of odd places he could nod off)
Getting on the wrong public zepplin and ending up halfway around the world.

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So, I had this idea for a fic header for Absolution. I had two images I wanted to use most definitely, but as my skills and programs are not what they should be I asked for someone else to do it for me. I give many thanks to [ profile] alizarin_skies for this.

cut for large images )

I just reather like the expressions, because it is different. I didn't want something terribly happy because to encompass this story with a happy image is not accurate. The story is unhappy, painful at times; therefore a happy image wouldn't be fitting.

This one could tell a story of its own I think. Now, I am going to create a master chapter list for Absolution, because with a possibility of at least 14 chapters. I think it might be helpful. And cut down on the amount of space taken up in the header.

Fic Meme

Mar. 25th, 2010 12:25 am
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Meme as ganked from [ profile] sciathan_file: Post a paragraph or a scene from as many of your fics or WIPS as you want, with no explanation attached.

cut for obvious reasons )

You could play guess the fandom and the fic, if you like. It's not too hard for one of them.

Help Chile

Mar. 3rd, 2010 10:52 am
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Since I'm on my mad writing kick, I thought I would offer myself up for [ profile] help_chile.

If anyone on my friends list would like to bid on me, you can do so here

I'm offering Doctor Who or Rayearth fic of at least 1000 words to the winner. Though we know I tend to write more than 1000 words

ETA: I also threw WHR on there too, as [ profile] misora noticed.


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