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A plastic bowl makes a great amplifier for iphone's built in speakers. Just set it in it and enjoy slightly louder music.

An electric tea kettle works best when turned on. Otherwise you sit through three songs on said iphone wondering why the water's not getting hot.

It helps to pay attention to the exit you use when exiting the metro, so you don't have to back track two blocks in the heat.

Borders is closing, which is sad but paperchase products are cheaper. I adore Paperchase. I got a cute new bag.

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One nice thing about being finished with my degree for the time being is being able to read what I want to read. I've picked up a book that has looked promising:

Obedience by Will Lavender.

Blurb: At Indiana's Winchester University, three students—Brian House, Dennis Flaherty and Mary Butler—are taking Logic and Reasoning 204, taught by enigmatic Professor Williams. They quickly learn this is a course like no other. Their single assignment is to find a missing 18-year-old girl, Polly, in six weeks time—or else, Williams asserts, she will be murdered. Is this merely an academic exercise? As Williams produces clues, including photographs of Polly and her associates, the students begin to wonder where homework ends and actual homicide begins.

I like it so far. I had seen it in my university bookstore last year and found it on the clearance shelves recently. I hope it ends up being as good as it sounds.

I also have my books I plan to take with me on my fights to and from DC this summer.

The Doctor Trap : Token Doctor Who book. I love Donna. Hope she is as amusing as this as she was in Beautiful Chaos.
The Neverending Story : I was told I had to read it, and was given a copy for my birthday.
Blowing my Cover : Looked interesting.

Perhaps I will have time to read a few more when I get back. Then I really need to start looking for a day job, so I can pay off these loans and afford to move out of my grandmother's house. Not to mention get a new car.

If anyone wants to suggest a book, feel free to pitch it to me in the comments. I love to read.


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