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Because I obviously don't need another project, I thought it would be fun to do a Doctor Who Fanfic PDF community. Since many of us have devices that can read PDFs, it would be nice to able to take fics with us like we do our books.

Anyone want to help me out with moderating one?

ETA: And does anyone have any images of any of the Doctors and companions reading? It doesn't have to be the characters themselves... the actors would do. Thanks.
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Alright, a few of you on my friend list have said that you think you would be interested in being included in a possible virtual series. I decided to take a step forward and start a community for discussion and planning.

[ profile] nine_verse[ profile] nine_verse[ profile] nine_verse

If you are interested, please leave a comment on the welcome post. You can state what role you think you would like to play or just that you are interested in participating how ever you are need.

Those of you who think you have some problem that will keep you from participating, don't worry. I am thinking there will be some time spent planning and the first "episodes" won't go up until sometime next year. Holidays are getting closer and I know we will all be quite busy.

Please share this with your friends. You are also welcome to pimp it at any communities you see fit, but be sure to check with the rules and the mods before you do so. I hope we have enough people to get this up an running this time.
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I know there is a community for a series of episode like fics for TenII/Rose, but is there (or has there ever been one) of Nine/Rose?

Would anyone be interested in doing something like that? A project of short-ish fics that focus on the fun action adventure aspect and perhaps some UST or smut to spice things up? I know I have a fic I had started some time back that I was trying to work out a plot for. It only never got off the ground because I was afraid of Nine.

Am I mad? Or might this be something some of you might consider?

(feel free to pass on this question if you are interested and think you know others who are.)
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Okay, Friends... and lurkers, some of you know I have been playing with a 'super secret project'. It's nothing terribly exciting.

I have been sorely missing general adventure fics of the Doctor and Rose traveling together, so I thought I would make a prompt community to help inspire the muses.

I am calling it [ profile] never_ever_will.

Quite obviously refering to to that lovely quote from Rose.

Please feel free to join, give me suggest, or even off to help be a mod (not that there will be too much to do).


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