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For those who are anxiously awaiting it. The Absolution sequel is well underway, even though it has been hijacked by a Nine fic.

In keeping with the theme, the title will be Reconciliation. I made an icon to prove how close I am to having something worth posting, because we know I like to theme my icons with my fics. It is my first true creation on my new Photoshop. I did pretty well for my first go.

Since I am a little behind on when I planned to post it, I thought I would offer a preview to my readers. Mind you, it is unedited at the moment, so this may not be the final version.

The opening scene )

Keep on me about which project you want me to work on. I tend to get more written if people bug me while I'm writing. Even more so, if you bother me via IM. I can have someone to bounce ideas off then. ;)
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Basically to give me something to think about this coming week, since I will be in DC, I thought I would ask the question I have already given to a few of you.

Absolution is finished, but the 'verse is not. I am sure you all can see the direction it is headed, and I wonder what you might want to see in chapters to come.

I know one of you wanted to see the Doctor realize he needs to exercise because he actually gains weight. What else do you want to see?

These comments might spawn scenes in the sequel, or entire one-off fics.


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