Nov. 4th, 2011

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I'll leave this unlocked right now, but I might friend lock it later, or delete it, depending....

I did end up making that block I mentioned in my last post, only I didn't go with a home improvement show title like I thought I would.  I wanted something more general so I wouldn't feel weird posting things that don't completely fall under the home improvement category.  After quite a bit of thinking, I decided that a play on my actual house number would be fun.  

The blog will focus on all the updates I am doing at my house as well as perhaps some recipes and other home type things. I am attempting to participate in National Blog Posting Month, so I will be attempting to post every day, so there will be plenty of new content soon. At the moment there are only about six posts. One is pulled from my first attempt at doing a blog like this, so it is dated from May. 

I am also posting over there under my actual given name since I will likely be sharing the link with family and friends and I want to keep this journal separate, even though most entries are friend locked I want there to be no chance of them coming over here and seeing me venting about them.

And yes, I will get PFO finished this month, then there might not be a chapter of the next story in the lessons series until mid or late December. Possibly not until the new year. I hope to get a good chunck of it sketched out and possibly written before posting, so I can get back to a schedule.


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